Compound Stamping Die Design And Manufacturing In China

Compound dies are essential tools in this compound punching process, enabling rapid mass production of motor laminations with good flatness. Motorneo has over 10 years experiences of stator rotor lamination stamping tooling design and manufacturing. For a limited tooling budget, compound tooling is the best choice.

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Capability For Compound Die Manufacturing

To manufacture high-quality compound molds, Motorneo employs high-quality carbide steel is deliberate, ensuring durability, wear resistance, and thermal stability.

We use Wire-EDM technology and precision cutting machines to manufacture each component to exacting standards, while grinder technology refines surfaces to achieve the desired finish. After all, the mold is crucial to the quality and burr control of the lamination.

Our stamping die service department records all Settings and die travel times daily and judges the current use of the die. Our customers provide free maintenance services during the everyday life of the mold.

Cost-Effectiveness Of Tool And Die Design

Die cost-effectiveness is a pivotal consideration in motor lamination manufacturing that can impact efficiency and budget allocation.

Stamping excels in cost efficiency for high-volume orders. The proportion of tool or mold costs relative to the total expense can rise if the order quantity is relatively lower.

Our rotary notching dies are very cost-effective when customers customize large motor laminations with stringent tolerances.

Because processing utilizing blanking and shaft hole dies ensures precise outcomes but may entail higher upfront investment due to the complexity and customization involved.

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Benefits Of Compound Stamping Dies

Compound stamping dies lie at the heart of modern manufacturing, offering many advantages that redefine production efficiency.

Streamlined Operations

Compound dies to integrate multiple operations into a single stroke, reducing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity.

High Precision

Our precision-engineered dies ensure impeccable accuracy, consistency, and adherence to tight tolerances, resulting in flawless end products.


By consolidating multiple processes into a single die, we minimize material wastage and energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings.

Quality Control For Our Stamping Molds


We source materials from trusted suppliers and verify them. Each material is documented and traceable, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout manufacturing.


Motorneo CNC machining equipment is regularly calibrated and maintained to ensure accurate and consistent manufacturing of die components.


Skilled technicians perform regular inspections during manufacturing to verify dimensions, tolerances, and surface finish that minimize burrs and sharp edges on-die components.

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Why Choose Us As Your Die China Manufacturer?

With years of experience and a team of skilled engineers, designers, and craftsmen, we bring expertise to every project. Track record in designing and manufacturing compound stamping dies speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Has over 10 years experiences of stator rotor lamination stamping tooling design and manufacturing.

Our precision cutting machines, wire-EDM equipment, and simulation software empower us to create high-quality compound stamping dies.

Whether it’s our cost-efficient rotary notching mold or high-precision specialized stamping tooling, we offer solutions that balance cost-effectiveness with exceptional performance, allowing you to achieve your goals within budget.

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Materials Used In The Manufacture Of Compound Die

Some of the critical materials we commonly use in the manufacture of compound stamping dies include Tool steels, such as D2, A2, and O1; Carbide materials, such as tungsten carbide; High-Speed Steel (HSS), Alloy Steels, Copper Alloys, Aluminum, etc.

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Die Design And Manufacture FAQs

A progressive stamping die is a specialized tool used in metal stamping and sheet metal forming processes to produce a complex part or product step-by-step efficiently.

It is designed to perform a sequence of operations on a metal sheet as it passes through the die, gradually transforming the raw material into a finished component.

Compound die-stamping electric motor laminations find applications in various fields and industries where efficient and precise motor components are essential.

Compound die-stamping electric motor laminations apply in the automotive industry, industrial machinery, power generation, and renewable energy.

Stamping die delivery times can range from a few weeks to several months. It’s essential to discuss the delivery schedule with our team at the outset of the project to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and timeline.

For motor core production, the types of industrial molds include progressive dies and compound dies. Progressive dies efficiently create motor cores in high-volume production, while compound dies are suitable for complex core shapes.

The process of industrial die service and maintenance is a vital aspect of ensuring the longevity, quality, and efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Let We Together Explore Compound Stamping Dies Precision and Efficiency

Ready to revolutionize your manufacturing processes with compound stamping dies? Partner with us at Motorneo, our team of experts offers comprehensive mould solutions.