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Motorneo specializes in producing high-quality power tool motor laminations, including drills, grinders, saws, and more. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with advanced machinery and experienced engineers, ensures precision consistency flatness, and verticality in our products.

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Custom electric motor laminations for power tools

Motorneo specializes in producing custom electric motor stator and rotor lamination stacks for a wide range of power tools, including drills, grinders, saws, angle grinders, sanders, lawnmowers, pruning shears machines, and more.

We use advanced manufacturing processes, including laser cutting and EDM wire cutting, to create prototypes of our laminations. Laser cutting enables us to produce intricate designs with high precision, while EDM wire cutting ensures the accuracy of the final product.

Once cutting is finished, we employ bonded or welded laminations together to form the core. Our lamination prototype production runs is typically between 5-15 days, allowing for quick turnaround and timely delivery to our clients.

electric sanders motor laminations

electric sanders motor Cores

electric drill stator laminations

electric drill stator laminations

angle grinders core laminations

angle grinders core laminations

lawnmowers stator laminations

lawnmowers stator laminations

grinders stator laminations

grinders stator laminations

power tool motor laminations

power tool motor laminations

progressive stamping

capability for stamping power tools electric motor laminations

We offer progressive stamping, compound stamping, and rotary notching services for electric motor laminations. Progressive stamping is the main manufacturing process employed for the production of power tool electric motor laminations.

This method involves a series of consecutive stamping operations performed in a single, continuous line. As the silicon steel strip moves through the press, it undergoes multiple forming and cutting operations, resulting in precise and consistent laminations.

This approach not only ensures high-volume production but also allows for the creation of intricate lamination designs, meeting the strictest tolerances and quality standards for our clients.

Why Choose us as your electric power tool core lamination China manufacturer?

Motorneo’s advanced manufacturing processes, including toolings design, stamping, laser cutting, and EDM wire cutting, enable us to produce precise and reliable laminations for a wide range of power tools.

Quick turnaround time for lamination prototypes (5-15 days) ensures that our clients receive their products promptly.

Our production equipment includes 25T-300T stamping machines, laser cutting machines, low-speed EDM wire machines, medium-speed EDM wire machines, high-speed EDM wire machines, automatic stacking, welding machines, injection molding machines, epoxy power machines, and automatic winding machines.

compound stamping motor lamination manufacturer

Power Tool Motor Lamination cores FAQs

Power tool motor laminations are typically made from high-quality electrical steel, which has high magnetic properties. This material helps to reduce eddy current loss and improve the efficiency of the motor.

We also offer amorphous alloys(low core losses), nickel alloys(high permeability at low to moderate inductions), cobalt alloys, etc. materials selection for motor components manufacturing.

Custom power tool core laminations are designed to meet the specific requirements of a particular power tool. They can improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the motor, resulting in increased power, reduced energy loss, and longer tool life.

To order custom power tool motor laminations, you can contact us. We will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a quote for the custom laminations.

There are various types of power tool motors, including universal motors, induction motors, and brushless DC motors. Each type has its own advantages and is suitable for different types of tools and applications.

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