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Motorneo employs high-precision stamping die and large automatic press punching to manufacture rail transportation motor laminations. The full-duplex scrap-falling mold structure can achieve continuous and stable production of stamping production and improve production efficiency per unit time.

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Customized Iron Core Stator and Rotor laminations

We offer a range of customized services including rail transportation motor iron core. Employing laser cutting and wire cutting to manufacture lamination prototypes that lead time 5-15 days. Our lamination prototyping services allow you to fine-tune your designs, optimizing efficiency and reducing development time. Motorneo 25-ton-300-ton press punching can achieve mass production for lamination cores. Automating the stamping motor iron core reduces manual intervention and downtime, making it the most cost-effective in the long run.

Motorneo customized rail electrical steel laminations apply for linear rail motors (subways, maglev trains, trains), automotive motors (engine cooling, electric power steering(ASM & PMS), seat wiper, starter, HVAC, traction engine, window lift, sunroof, electric turbo, braking systems, pump, and ABS), new energy vehicle hub motor, electric vehicles motor, HEV motor, aerospace drone or airplane motor, motorcycle motor, heavy vehicle off-road motor (forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, and crawler loaders).

For applications demanding enhanced structural integrity and performance, we offer self-bonding options that ensure a secure and robust bond between laminations.

motor lamination for rail transportation

motor laminations for rail transportation

rotor for rail transportation

rotor Laminations for rail transportation

motor iron core for rail transportation

motor iron core for rail transportation

hub amorphous motor laminations for new energy vehicles

hub motor laminations for new energy vehicles

high-speed passenger car motor core

high-speed passenger car motor core

linear motor iron core

Linear motor Laminations for rail transportation

Stamping rail transportation motor lamination stacks

industry electric motor core manufacture capacities

Motorneo compound stamping enhances efficiency by reducing production time and costs, making it a cost-effective solution for large-scale rail transportation motor laminate projects.

We boast a diverse range of specialized stamping dies, such as stator compound slotting dies, rotor compound punching dies, stator full duplex dies and rotor full duplex dies.

Compound stamping dies and automatic punching ensures stator rotor core laminations have consistent flatness and verticality, with minimal material waste and a high degree of repeatability.

why choose us as your electric motor lamination China manufacturer?

With a decade of experience, we offer rail transportation motor iron core stator and rotor that meets cross-class industry standards. Our product will supply all over the world.

Our expertise in compound stamping, lamination prototyping, and various stacking techniques(such as riveting, cleating, gluing, self-bonding, laser welding, and tig+mig welding) empowers us to deliver motor laminations of exceptional precision and performance.

We focus on improving the quality of after-sales service, participating in market competition, and rapid, efficient after-sales service work, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign users for motor laminations feel free to contact us for any questions.

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Rail Transportation Motor Core FAQs

Rail transportation motor cores are essential components of electric motors used in trains and other rail vehicles. They consist of stator and rotor cores that play a crucial role in generating and controlling the movement of the train.

Motor cores are typically made from laminated electrical steel, which offers excellent magnetic properties and helps minimize energy loss in rail motors. Different grades and thicknesses of laminations may be used based on specific motor requirements.

The production of motor cores involves various processes such as stamping, stacking, winding, and assembly. These processes require advanced manufacturing equipment and expertise to ensure high-quality results.

Rail transit motor cores play a crucial role in the functioning of electric motors used in various applications within the rail transit industry. Some of the key application areas where rail transit motor cores are used include Electric Locomotives, Electric Multiple Units (EMUs), Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Trams, Subway and Metro Systems, High-Speed Rail, Commuter Rail, Freight Rail, etc.

Precision in rail transit motor cores plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, reliability, and overall performance.

When crafting with precision for motor cores, they produce smoother and quieter operation, reducing vibrations and noise for passengers’ comfort.

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