Motor Stator and Rotor Core Quality Control

We have obtained ISO/FDIS 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 international certifications. These certifications reflect our strict quality control. Motorneo is committed to providing the best products and services to its customers.

Our guarantee to our customers

We are committed to being a strong and trusted service provider in the stamping industry, providing you with high-quality products.

In motor lamination manufacturing, the precision of each component directly impacts the overall performance. Our quality control processes through precise stamping lamination stacks achieve optimal performance.

These motor laminations’ accuracy reached the micron level. Our stringent appearance, slot, and size inspections reduce power loss, vibration, and undesirable noise levels, improving motor efficiency and user experience.

Motor Lamination Stacks Quality Control Tools

silicon steel detector

silicon steel detector

We also prioritize the quality of electrical steel used in our motor laminations. We test each roll of silicon steel’s physical and electromagnetic properties through a silicon steel detector.

Secondly, we will make a unique mark for the sliced silicon steel coil; the purpose is to know which company produces the silicon steel used in each motor core and who departs in the production process.

quality control

CMM Inspection

CMM inspection verifies that the rotor and stator cores adhere to exact specifications by meticulously scanning and analyzing the dimensions, contours, and alignments.

projector detector

Projector detector

These detectors project magnified images of stator and rotor laminations onto a screen. By capturing even the minutest details identifies deviations from the intended specifications.

X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection

We employ an X-ray inspection system to meticulously check the porosity of the end rings in our medium and large aluminum die-casting rotor.

Elevate Your Motor Performance with Our Quality Control!

Our quality control ensures that each stator and rotor core has high precision and performance. Elevate your motor’s efficiency, reliability, and longevity by partnering with Motorneo.