Slinky Stator Core Lamination Stacks Manufacturer In China

Our expertise lies in the production of slinky stator core lamination Stacks, and we stand out with specialized capabilities in manufacturing helicoidal wound stators. Motorneo employs an automatic production line to mass production quickly and efficiently for the helical stator. These automatic machines ensure consistency in every stator lamination core product.

Besides the helical stamping, we offer progressive stamping, compound stamping, and rotary notching to manufacture stator and rotor stacks.

Learn more about our Helical stator motor lamination stacks and services, and feel free to get in touch with us for inquiries and collaborations.

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Customized Slinky Lamination Iron Core With Silicon Steel

Motorneo can customize slinky stator applications for electric vehicles, alternators, and hub motor cores for EVs. The slinky laminations play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of electric propulsion systems, such as axial flux motors.

We offer comprehensive solutions, from lamination prototypes to mass production. The core product includes servo motor laminations, linear motor laminations, direct drive motor laminations, glue bonding laminations, axial flex stator laminations, permanent magnet synchronous motor laminations, BLDC motor laminations, DC motor laminations, universal motor laminations, amorphous motor laminations, transformer laminations, and generator laminations.

Our comprehensive lamination stacks are used in electric vehicles, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, special purpose vehicles, earth-moving equipment, tractors, pumps, fans, elevators, wind power generators, industrial robotics, drones, household appliances, and power tools.

slinky alternator stator cores

slinky alternator stator cores

EVs slinky motor cores

EVs slinky motor Lamination cores

Axial Flux Stator Laminations Prototype With NO27 Silicon Steel

Helical wound axial flux stator

Capability For Helical Stamping(Slinky) Stator Lamination Core

helical stamping stator lamination

This approach involves punching a stacked plurality of long bands of sheet steel to create strip laminations with tooth portions and core back portions.

Subsequently, these strip laminations are spirally wound and integrated, forming a unique helical pattern. This method not only lends itself to the aptly named “Slinky” configuration but also proves instrumental in reducing material waste.

Unlike conventional square-sheet punching methods, our helical stamping significantly minimizes iron waste, estimated to be only 30 to 40% of the material typically required.

By intermeshing the protrusions and recesses of tooth portions, this technique enhances efficiency, making it a preferred choice for various applications, including electric vehicles, alternators, and Hub Motor Cores for EVs.

Why Choose Us As Your Electrical Steel Laminations China Manufacturer?

Our automatic line for “slinky” winding technology, caters to a broad range of specifications from 110 mm to 145 mm outside diameter and electrical steel thicknesses ranging from 1.0 mm down to 0.10 mm.

Our significant investment in blanking/notching capabilities features a 25T-300T high-speed notching press capable of processing lamination outside diameters up to 1,250 mm.

lamination stacks of industry motor cores

Helical Stator lamination stacks FAQs

The unique feature of Slinky Stator Core Lamination Stacks lies in their helical or spiral winding pattern. This distinctive configuration sets them apart from traditional straight-core laminations, enhancing magnetic efficiency and making them a preferred choice for applications in electric vehicles, alternators, axial flux motors, and other electric motor systems.

Slinky stator cores offer superior efficiency due to their helical winding pattern. This unique design enhances magnetic efficiency, resulting in improved motor performance and reduced energy loss.

The helical configuration optimizes the interaction between the slinky stator core and magnetic fields, contributing to overall efficiency in various electric motor applications.

Yes, our Slinky Stator Cores are customizable to meet the unique specifications and requirements of different motor designs and applications.

The helical winding enhances the overall efficiency, torque, and power output of electric motors, making them ideal for high-performance applications.

Elevate Your Motors with Slinky Stator Cores!

Whether you’re in the electric vehicle, alternator, or axial flux motor industry, our customizable solutions cater to your unique needs.