Segmented Stator & Rotor Lamination In China

Our stator and rotor segmented motor lamination approach transcends traditional boundaries, offering unparalleled advantages in reduced energy losses, enhanced thermal management, and customized to your unique needs.

Through years of experience, we’ve honed our craft to provide you with motor lamination stacks that embody high precision and durability.

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lamination stacks of industry motor cores

Capabilities For Segment Motor Lamination Design And Manufacture

We have a high-precision segmented motor core(a segmented motor lamination or segmented stator/rotor) process, a specialized design approach used in electric motor core construction.

Segment Motor Core

The segmented motor core is composed of several iron cores. Each iron core’s inner measuring arc edge is concave to form a plurality of tooth slots. Then, the multiple rings punched are superimposed winding together, and the joints on the adjacent rings are staggered. Achieve a complete motor core.

We segmented motor stator cores are commonly configured with 12 slots and ten poles or 12 slots and 14 poles suitable for motors in automotive applications to save material use.

In addition, we consider separate production of rotor and stator laminations, the width of the air gap is no longer determined by the limitations of the stamping tool.

Therefore, our segmentation operation minimizes the clearance and increases the air gap flux and torque.

Benefits Of Segmented Motor Stator&Rotor

Our motor lamination is constantly innovative in manufacturing and bringing forth the exceptional benefits of segment motor lamination.

Reduced Eddy Current Losses

Segmented laminations disrupt the paths of eddy currents, minimizing energy losses and improving overall motor efficiency.

Enhanced Thermal Management

Smaller segments enable better heat dissipation, preventing overheating and extending the motor’s lifespan.

Optimized Magnetic Flux

Precision-designed segments ensure uniform magnetic flux distribution, resulting in smoother and more efficient motor operation.

Precision Assembly

Smaller segment sections are easier to handle and assemble, streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing errors.

Reduced Material Waste

Segmentation minimizes material waste by allowing for the efficient use of raw materials during manufacturing.

Vibration Damping

Segmented cores can help dampen vibrations, resulting in quieter operation and improved motor performance.

Customization And Design Of Electric Motor Core

Our dedicated design team uses this method of customized segmented laminations that cater to diverse electrical machine(such as for electric motors, generators, and ac alternator cores) requirements. The versatility of segmented laminations transcends industries, finding applications in various sectors. We can provide various solutions, such as electric vehicles, industrial equipment, and renewable energy.

segment motor stator
segment electric motor stator
Segmented Lamination Stacks
segmented electric motor core

Quality Control For Motor Stator & Rotor Lamination

Our manufacturing facility’s quality control measures strictly comply with international principles and have ISO/FDIS09001:2008. By upholding the highest standards at every stage of production, we provide our clients with motor cores that are high speed and efficient and tailored to their specific needs.

segment motor stator&motor lamination


Thoroughly examine raw materials procedures, such as electrical steel and insulating coatings, to verify their quality coincident reference value.


We measure each segment and the lamination for dimensional accuracy and the motor core to thermal testing to assess heat dissipation and ensure stable operation at different temperatures.


Simulating motor operation conditions to assess the core’s durability and resistance to mechanical stresses. Evaluating the core’s resistance to corrosion through exposure to varying environmental conditions.

Materials Used In Segmented Laminations

In producing segmented stator and rotor laminations, we meticulously select high-quality materials that meet the stringent demands of motor technology. Our materials include electrical steel(silicon steel or laminated steel), varnishes, epoxy resins, high-performance polymers, etc.

segment stator material

Why Choose Us As Your Motor Lamination Stacks China Manufacturer?

At Motorneo, we serve clients worldwide across diverse industries, including automotive, industrial, renewable energy, etc.

Our manufacturing facility has state-of-the-art machinery and stamping technology, allowing us to deliver high-precision segment motor cores that meet the most demanding specifications.

Our design team creates customized segment motor cores tailored to your specific motor requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

By embracing segment motor lamination, we can offer a solution that reduces energy losses, enhances thermal management, and optimizes magnetic properties.

Segmented Motor Laminations FAQs

The stator core is a stationary part of an electric machine, such as a motor or a generator. It consists of a stack of laminated steel sheets or plates that are tightly bound together.

The rotor core is the rotating part of an electric machine, such as a motor or a generator. Like the stator core, it is also made up of stacked laminated steel sheets or plates insulated from each other.

China is known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and cost-effective solutions. Choosing a segment motor lamination manufacturer in China allows you to access cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and competitive pricing.

Stamping and Die-Cutting: Stamping and die-cutting are primary processes to create individual laminations from thin electrical steel sheets. Stamping involves using precision dies to cut and shape the laminations from the steel sheets.

Lamination Insulation: The laminated surfaces apply coatings, varnishes, or insulating films to prevent electrical conductivity between them.

Stacking: The stacking(such as riveting, cleating, laser welding, TIG+MIG welding, gluing, and self-bonding) method of tight laminations stacks the sheets together to form the motor core.

Annealing: Annealing is a heat treatment process that helps optimize the magnetic properties of the laminations.

Precision Machining: To achieve specific dimensional tolerances or surface finishes using machining or grinding processes.

Absolutely. Our design team’s expertise allows us to create customized laminations for various motor types, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Explore The Future Of Segment Electric Motor Lamination Together

Experience the power of tailored solutions with our stator and rotor segmented lamination. Our design experts specialize in crafting customized cores that optimize torque, speed, and power output for your specific applications. Whether it’s automotive, industrial, or renewable energy, we’re here to elevate your motors to new levels of efficiency.