Diesel Generator stator and rotor lamination stacks manufacturer in China

Our diesel generator sets a small-scale power generation equipment to convert diesel fuel into electrical power. Motorneo offers a 25T-300T comprehensive range of punches, including compound punches, high-speed punches, and single-slot punches, each available in various tonnages.

Whether you require customized designs, specific materials, or high-volume production, we can meet the client demands of the diesel engine industry.

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Custom diesel motor iron core Laminations

Motorneo delivers custom diesel generator stator and rotor lamination cores. Although the power of customized diesel generator sets is low, because of their small size, flexibility, lightweight, completeness, ease of operation, and maintenance, it is widely used in ships, mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, as well as factories, enterprises, hospitals, and other departments.

We offer diesel generator lamination prototyping services. Employing laser cutting and wire cutting to cut electrical steel sheets from the generator cores. The lamination stack sample lead time is 5-15 days allows you to test and refine your design early on.

diesel motor stator

diesel motor stator

diesel generator

diesel generator

stator for diesel generator

stator for diesel generator

lamination stacks of industry motor cores

Capability For Stamping Diesel Motor Stator And Rotor Lamination Stacks

We excel in the art of stamping diesel motor stator and rotor lamination stacks using advanced compound stamping techniques.

Whether it’s for single prototypes or large volume production runs, our advanced stamping equipment and experienced technicians work in tandem to guarantee consistent flatness and verticality.

The stamping process streamlines production, reducing lead times and costs for our clients. The process minimizes material waste while being suitable for mass production.

Why choose us as your electric motor laminations China manufacturer?

Our company is well equipped, including punching machines from 25T to 300T, high-speed single slot punching machines, stator stacking machines, rotor cast aluminum machines, automatic welding robots, etc.

Motorneo leverages bonding and stacking technologies, including laser welding, riveting, cleating, TIG+MIG welding, self-bonding, and gluing to assemble iron cores.

Employing silicon steel detectors, CMMs, projector inspections, X-rays, and micrometers to check core laminates to make sure they meet strict tolerances.

aluminum die casting rotor capability

Diesel Motor Core FAQs

A diesel motor core is a critical part of a diesel engine to convert the energy from fuel combustion into mechanical energy. It consists of laminations or cores made from silicon steel.

High Efficiency:


Instant Power Availability:

Fuel Efficiency:


Diesel motor cores find applications in a wide range of industries, including standby power generation, marine propulsion, construction equipment, and transportation. They are particularly useful in situations where a reliable and efficient power source is required.

Common materials for diesel motor cores include electrical steel laminations (such as silicon steel) and soft magnetic composites. These materials have excellent magnetic properties and can efficiently convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Diesel motor cores are designed for long-term reliability and typically require minimal maintenance. Periodic inspections, cleaning, and ensuring proper cooling are common practices to extend their lifespan.

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Are you ready to take your diesel engine’s performance to the next level? Our 25-ton -300-ton punching machines can meet your diesel generator core product needs.