Motor Stator Winding In China

Motorneo winding services include outer and inner stator winding, segmented stator winding, x-pin winding, hair-pin winding, i-pin winding, s-winding, and resin varnish impregnation.

Our winding stator applies to electric vehicle motors, in-wheel hub motors, fans motors, pump motors, drone motors, permanent magnet synchronous elevator motors, and wind power generators.

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Capacities For Automatic Stator Winding Process

The stator winding process is our core project, according to the client’s needs can offer automatic winding and manual winding.

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The technician wraps the copper wire around specialized forms, creating coils with precise dimensions and turns. Coils inserted in the stator core designated slots and interconnected according to the winding configuration.

Insulation materials are applied to each coil to prevent electrical shorts. Coils are tested to ensure proper tension, insulation, and connectivity.

Our in-house winding machining capabilities enable us outer diameter range is 50-720mm, pin winding range is 150-400mm, 2-8 layers. Due to product specifications resulting in inconsistent productivity, basic 5-80 sets/day.

Types Of Electric Motor Coil Winding

Our professional staff designs several winding configurations in electric motor stator coil winding assemblies that can be customized to your specific requirements. Here are some of our winding methods.

Concentric winding

Concentric winding, in the context of electric machines like motors and generators, refers to a type of coil winding arrangement where the wire is wound in successive layers, each with the same center as the previous layer around the stator’s core. Single-tooth concentrated winding is also a form of concentric winding. This design offers a uniform magnetic field distribution and is suitable for applications requiring consistent torque output.

Lap winding

Lap winding involves overlapping individual coils to form a closed loop. This type offers high current-carrying capacity, making it ideal for high-power applications.

Wave winding

Wave winding, or distributed winding, alternates between different coil layers to create a more sinusoidal waveform. This reduces harmonic distortion and enhances overall efficiency.

concentric winding
lap winding
distributed winding

Custom Motor Stator Production Assembly

Custom stator assemblies winding finds application across diverse industries, such as the automotive industry, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, industrial pumps, conveyors, washing machines, electric drills, AC motor stators, BLDC motors, etc.

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Quality Control For Motor Lamination Stator Winding

Lamination requires stamping, stacking(riveting, cleating, laser welding, TIG+MIG welding, gluing, self-bonding), winding, insulation, assembly, and other processes to form the finished stator core. We strictly implement international standards in this process and have obtained ISO9001:2008 certification.

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Insulation resistance test: usually measured by a megohm meter or high voltage insulation resistance tester.


Electrical performance testing, including resistance, hi-pot, surge waveform, etc.


Magnetic pole test: The stator magnetic pole test can be performed on special AC motors such as shade pole motors and universal motors.


Voltage resistance test: Employing a high voltage test transformer is usually used to detect the voltage resistance of the stator winding.

Why Choose Us As Your Windings For Electric Motors China Manufacturer?

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Motorneo leverages automatic winding machinery and testing equipment to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and consistent quality.

The comprehensive motor lamination stacks services, include stamping, laser cutting, wire cutting, automatic stacking, bonding, winding, and die-casting.

Winding stator dimensions, slot numbers, and wire specifications can accord customer-specific needs to be customized.

Materials Used in Stator Coil Assembly

The materials commonly used for motor stator winding include copper wire, varnishes, resins, enamel coatings, and tapes. The stator commonly uses electrical steel, amorphous alloys, and soft magnet composite materials.

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Windings for Electric Motors FAQs

Stator assembly winding involves creating electromagnetic fields through coil winding, a critical process that enables electric motors to convert electrical energy into mechanical motion. This process is essential for a motor’s functionality and efficiency.

Stator winding faults in an electric motor can have a significant impact on its performance and reliability. The stator winding is a critical component of an electric motor, responsible for generating the magnetic field necessary for motor operation. When faults occur in the stator winding, they can lead to various issues.

Motor production encompasses various stages, including core prototyping motor laminations, die design and fraction, stamping(such as compound stamping, progressive stamping, and rotary notching), stacking(such as riveting, cleating, laser welding, TIG+MIG welding, gluing, and self-bonding), aluminum die casting rotor laminations, magnet insertion, and housing integration. These processes collectively contribute to creating a fully functional electric motor.

Stator winding failure can result from insulation breakdown, overheating, excessive vibration, moisture ingress, or electrical overloading. Regular maintenance and proper motor operation can minimize the risk of these failures.

There are mainly two types of stator windings: single-phase and three-phase windings. Single-phase windings are suitable for simple or smaller applications, while three-phase windings, offering more efficient power delivery, are common in industrial and high-performance motors.

Yes, we offer stator windings repaired if damaged. The repair process may involve rewinding the damaged section or, in more severe cases, completely rewinding all the windings. This requires expertise to ensure the motor operates efficiently post-repair.

Wide Range Of Solutions To Meet Motor Stator Requirements

Ready to power up your machinery with top-tier stator assembly winding? Please discuss with us in time customized quotes tailored to your specific needs.