High Precision Wire EDM Cutting Lamination In China

Motorneo specializes in wire EDM cut lamination processes, bringing you high-precision cutting speeds to achieve micron-level precision laminations. Our focus of the task spectrum for wire erosion is primarily the production of prototypes and cutting and punching tools.

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Wire EDM motor lamination

Capabilities Of Wire EDM Electric Motor Laminations

Our Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a sophisticated and precise manufacturing process that creates intricate shapes and patterns in conductive materials(such as electrical steel or silicon steel).

At its core, Wire-cut EDM employs a controlled electrical discharge between a fine, electrically charged wire electrode and the workpieces to achieve highly accurate cuts and contours.

The cutting process begins with the design input, where the desired shape is translated into a digital CAD model. This model guides the Wire EDM machine, continuously feeding the wire electrode(between 0.02 mm and 0.33 mm in diameter) through the workpiece material.

The workpiece is submerged in a dielectric fluid, typically deionized water, which serves multiple purposes: cooling the wire and workpiece, flushing away debris, and preventing arcing between (wire = cathode, workpiece = anode) the wire and the workpiece.

Electrical voltage is applied as the wire approaches the workpiece, creating intense heat that melts the material. The heat causes the material to erode and form narrow, precise lamination cuts.

wire edm laminations machine

Advantages Of Wire Cutting Electric Motor Lamination

Precision and Accuracy

Wire cutting is an exceptional precision and accuracy process thanks to computer-generated programs.

Reduced Tool Wear

Wire EDM’s non-contact method eliminates the wear and tear associated with traditional cutting tools.

Heat Dissipation

Using wire edm creates a smoother surface finish, improving the motor’s heat dissipation.

Minimal Material Waste

The precise nature of Wire EDM minimizes material wastage during the machining process. It wouldn’t be possible with conventional cutting machines.

Time Efficiency

Wire EDM’s high-speed cutting capabilities deliver precision cut complex shapes as quickly as possible. Because it eliminates grinding and tooling time.


The precision of Wire EDM means that multiple layers can be stacked and cut in one go, streamlining production workflows and resulting in a faster turnover.

Wide Range Of Industries Served

The exceptional precision, minimal material wastage, and capability to fabricate complex geometries make Wire EDM indispensable for industries demanding high-quality, intricate components, such as aerospace, military, electronics manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, industry generators lamination, and toolmaking.

Material Selection Used In Wire EDM Laminations

Our wire-cutting EDM machine is suitable for wire EDM exotic materials such as silicon steel (electrical steel), medical-grade metals, titanium, cobalt, aluminum alloys, and copper. It can also cut hard materials that conventional machines can’t manage.

aluminum alloys

Why Choose Us As Your Prototype Laminations China Supplier?

Our facilities include the latest CNC wire EDM machines with automatic wire feed, submerged cutting, and large beds for multi-loading.

Wire EDM’s inherent precision allows us to achieve tight tolerances and intricate designs with micron-level accuracy.

Quality control has ISO 9001:2008 certification and utilizes advanced Coordinate Measuring Machines(CMM) to carefully check the prototype motor lamination size.

Cutting Lamintions FAQs

Wire EDM’s precision and flexibility allow for the creation of intricate and custom designs based on client specifications. Our engineers program the Wire EDM machine to cut the desired shapes and patterns accurately.

Delivery times vary depending on project complexity and volume. A rough estimate is typically provided during the quotation process.

Wire EDM and laser cutting are distinct machining methods. Laser cutting employs a high-powered laser beam focused on the thick material’s surface, melting, vaporizing, or burning it to create intricate shapes. It’s exact, suitable for various materials, and offers quick production times.

Wire EDM uses electrical sparks between a wire electrode and the workpiece for precise material removal. It is ideal for complex shapes in conductive materials.

To explore Wire EDM lamination solutions tailored to your needs, request a quote, or discuss your project, contact us via our website, email, or phone. Our team of experts will be glad to assist you.

Wide Solution For Custom Electric Motor Laminations

Ready to revolutionize your motor manufacturing with top-tier Wire EDM prototype laminations from China? Our Wire EDM laminations have you covered. Let’s start your project!