Motor Core With Electrostatic Epoxy Coating Insulation In China

At Motorneo, we offer a comprehensive suite of motor lamination manufacturing services. Our core includes compound stamping, die manufacture, electrostatic epoxy coating insulation, customization of stator and rotor lamination stacks, etc.

With a commitment to quality and precision, we can provide a wide range of solutions for your iron laminated core needs.

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electrostatic epoxy coating insulation

Capabilities For Electrostatic Epoxy Coating Insulation Process

The Electrostatic Epoxy Coating Process is a critical step in enhancing the insulation and protection of motor cores, such as stator and rotor components. Our automatic electrostatic epoxy coating lines allow insulation of the iron laminated core.

The process begins with the thorough cleaning and preparation of the motor stator and rotor lamination stacks, ensuring it is free from contaminants and defects.

Once the iron laminated core is prepared, we use the specialized electrostatic electrical insulation coating machine to apply the epoxy coating. The electrostatic charge ensures that the epoxy particles are uniformly attracted to the core’s surface, creating a consistent and even layer of insulation.

Our capabilities to coat various specific powder classes for armature laminations stacks up to 50mm outside diameter, with or without shafts.

electrostatic epoxy coating insulation machine

Advantages of Motor Stator Coating Insulation

Enhanced Insulation

Epoxy powder coating insulation offers a superior level of electric motor insulation. It creates a protective barrier that reduces the risk of short circuits and enhances the overall reliability of your electric motor.

Thermal Efficiency

Efficient heat dissipation is a key factor in prolonging the lifespan of electric motors. It not only provides a durable and uniform protective layer but also improves heat dissipation. This ensures that your motor operates within optimal temperature ranges.

Corrosion Resistance

Electrostatic epoxy powder coating provides a continuous dielectric insulating layer with strong chemical and heat resistance to protect motor Coil windings. This resistance to corrosion is essential for outdoor, marine, or industrial environmental motors.


We specialize in designing and fabricating stator and rotor cores that match your voltage requirements. Our expertise allows us to choose the right materials and apply the coating with the utmost precision.

Application of Motor Coating insulation

Coating insulation finds a wide range of applications in motor stators and rotors, where it plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance, safety, and reliability of electric motors.

Industrial Electric Motors:
Heavy-duty industrial, pumps and compressor motors operating under harsh conditions.

Automotive Electric Motors:
Electric and hybrid vehicles utilize various electric motors for propulsion and auxiliary systems.

Renewable Energy: Motors used in renewable energy applications, such as wind turbines and solar tracking systems.

Aerospace Applications:
Electric motors are used in aircraft systems, such as actuators and landing gear.

Quality Control

Our quality control protocols are rigorous and leave no room for compromise. Every motor stator epoxy coating product that leaves our facility undergoes meticulous inspections to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards.

To underscore our commitment to quality, we maintain ISO9001:2008 certifications. These certifications demonstrate our dedication to adhering to internationally recognized quality management standards.

Electric motors must adhere to industry regulations and standards to ensure safety and reliability. Our processes are designed with these standards in mind. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your motor cores meet or exceed all relevant regulations.

Why Choose Us for Motor Core Solutions?

As a leading manufacturer in China, with decades of experience in motor lamination and insulation solutions, we have honed our expertise to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We specialize in the customization of electric motor stators and rotors. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver motor cores that align perfectly with your specifications.

From the materials we select to the processes we employ, we prioritize quality assurance at every step.

Time is of the essence in the world of electric motors. Our processes are designed for efficiency and fast turnaround times.

Our adherence to industry standards and regulations ensures that your motor cores meet all safety and performance requirements.

Laminations Stacks FAQs

Electrostatic epoxy coating stands out due to its superior electrical insulation, excellent thermal efficiency, and corrosion resistance. It offers a high level of customization, ensuring it meets specific motor requirements.

Electrostatic epoxy coating is highly adaptable and can be customized to suit various motor types and sizes. It is used in a wide range of applications, from household appliances to industrial machinery.

On the contrary, electrostatic epoxy coating can enhance a motor’s performance and efficiency. It provides better insulation, reduces the risk of electrical issues, and helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, improving overall motor efficiency.

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Ready to take your electric motors to the next level with the cutting-edge technology of electrostatic epoxy coating insulation? Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our core strength lies in the precise customization of stator and rotor cores.

Whether it’s a high-torque industrial equipment motor or a compact motor for a household appliance, we have the expertise to deliver solutions that meet your exact requirements.